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New Year’s Eve with BHQ

Out with the old, in with the new! New Years is the perfect time to reset and reclaim your time ahead, so it’s important to go into it with the best experience possible. Tapping into the magic of the island of Bali is something a lot of people do every year – so we made sure to create a setting that supported travellers’ and locals’ wildest dreams this time around. To celebrate the beginning of 2019, friends and lovers gathered at The Lawn in Canggu to give ’18 a sweet kiss goodbye with help from our favorite New Zealand band – Six60! Groovy sounds and cool beach vibes filled the air as a rich, purple sunset reflected off the golden Bali sand just steps away from the scene.

beginning of 2019
The Lawn is a favorite spot amongst locals for some breezy lounging, signature cocktail sipping and breathtaking sunset views. With incredible food and drinks, a rooftop, pool bar, and grass lawn filled with day beds and cushions, this is one of our go-to spots when we want to really soak in what Bali has to offer. There’s nothing not to love here!


VIP BookingHQ clients received an exclusive experience which included a rooftop VIP area, free drinks before the show, reserved space at the front of the audience, and a meet and greet with the band. Imagine you and your loved ones hanging by your private pool in a luxury villa, getting ready to dance the night away, then whisked away in a limousine to a beautiful venue where you’re all set up for a unique, high end affair. We love creating special moments for our clients and that’s exactly what we accomplished! From sunset to the very first moments of 2019, guests had a NYE they’ll never forget.

VIP BookingHQ

Thank you to everyone who came and danced, laughed, loved and looked their absolute best. The energy was sky high and contagious – beauty was everywhere and nothing beats a large space packed with smiles. It was a night to remember and got the new year off to an unbelievable start! This is just a taste of the incredible events and experiences we have lined up for you. Be sure to stay tuned for our next event in February featuring international sensation Tyga! And let us book those luxury accommodations during your stay in Bali to guarantee that unforgettable experience you’ve been craving. We’re continuing to reach for the stars and we want you along for the ride. See you in 2019!

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