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A Luxurious Day Booking HQ Style

Luxurious Day Booking HQ Style

You’ve just landed in Bali – escaping your 9-5 and that daily routine you’ve gotten bored of – and immediately you feel a sense of peace come over you. You’re in paradise! You’ve seen all the perfect pictures and heard the stories of what this place has to offer and you’re hoping for an experience that tops everything you’ve heard. Simply exploring Bali is a great experience but there’s so much to sift through it can get overwhelming. But if your tastes include luxury and high end experiences, you’ll need some guidance and insider access. Luckily you booked your accommodation with Booking HQ! A helicopter is waiting for you on arrival to whisk you away to your private luxury villa, nestled just steps away from the golden beach and surrounded by picturesque rice fields.

private luxury villa

Walking into your villa, a full staff is waiting to serve you and you’re handed some champagne to sip on as you get a tour of this luxurious oasis you get to call home for the next week. You’ve got the best group of friends with you and everyone quickly spreads out either enjoying the pool, jacuzzi, gym, tennis court, or taking a snooze in Egyptian cotton with a view of the Indian Ocean out their window. A private chef is cooking up a decadent 4 course meal as the sun sets and you enjoy the view from what seems like the best seat in the world. You pinch yourself to check if you’re dreaming. After dinner, a limousine picks up you and your crew to take you to the best beach clubs Bali has to offer. Bottle service, VIP seating, meet and greets with the world’s top DJ’s and musicians are on the agenda tonight and everyone looks beautiful – ready to create memories of a lifetime.

best beach clubs Bali

This is just one example of a day spent well through Booking HQ. We know you’re looking for a luxurious escape to a magical place and we’ve set up ways to have that experience down to every small detail.  Whether it’s a ‘just because’ trip, a retreat, or wedding celebration, leave the planning to us as we’ve found ourselves to be experts in celebrating life! Be sure to check out our latest event featuring Tyga performing at one of our favorite beach clubs in Canggu – The Lawn – February 24th and get your tickets before they sell out. Think of your wildest dreams and come talk to us!

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