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5 Luxurious Travel Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss in Bali

Everyone keeps talking about having a great time in Bali — joining the biggest (and wildest) parties, meeting a whole bunch of people, and spending lazy days on the beach. But, what better way to enjoy the island than having the most luxurious adventure?

If you’ll be visiting the island for an experience that’s one-of-a-kind and would prefer to skip the big crowd, take a look at these travel experiences that are worth having in Bali!

Ultimate Spa Experience at Thermes Marins Spa in Ayana Resort

Ayana Resort and Spa
Image Courtesy of tofoli.douglas / Flickr

Apart from the biggest parties, breathtaking beachscapes, and rich culture, Bali is renowned for relaxing massages and ancient healing remedies. And, no Bali trip would be complete without having a visit to the World’s Best Hotel Spa — Thermes Marins! This spa lets you enjoy their Aquatonic Seawater Jet Pool and experience serene treats while enjoying a majestic sunset view. Through their centuries-old beauty secrets, intimate atmosphere, and grandiose setting, you’ll surely get the best therapeutic experience on the island!

Fine Dining at Kubu Restaurant Bali

If you’re on a honeymoon or a foodie who’s into fine Mediterranean-European dining, then it’s a must for you, you’ll definitely have a great time at Kubu Restaurant Bali. Boasting Bali-sourced ingredients, private dining cocoons, and scenic riverside views, this award-winning restaurant guarantees to bring you the most romantic night out on the island. The moment you step on its premises, you’re already treated like royalty. The staff will pick you up at the entrance and take you down to the Ayung Riverside where the restaurant is situated. It’s the fairytale setting you’ve ever dreamed of!

Private Helicopter Ride

Kintamani Trifecta
Image Courtesy of Jan Alonzo / Flickr

Bali’s spectacular coastlines and picturesque wonders of nature never fail to mesmerize tourists. But, the best way to see its natural beauty is through a 360 view from above the ground! Mason Sky Tours, the island’s sole luxury helicopter service, brings you a range of exciting adventures for you to see the most stunning glimpse of Bali. They offer helicopter fly tours such as Majestic Coastline Flight, Gili Islands Getaway Flight, and perhaps the most popular — the Kintanami Volcano Tour. Seeing how the mountainside was carved, the peaceful-looking Caldera lake and unsurpassed beauty of coastlines will definitely be the highlight of every luxury seeker’s Bali trip!

WakaSailing Cruise to Nusa Lembongan

Blue Lagoon,Nusa Lembongan
Image Courtesy of AkbarWilliams / Wikipedia

Experience the most excellent cruise on your way to Lembongan Island! The WakaSailing Cruise lets you go on a luxurious voyage aboard a Catamaran boat to Nusa Lembongan. The cruise lets you witness the untouched natural beauty and beaming marine life of Bali as you pass over the reefs along the way. Expect a day of fine dining, relaxing music, and a refreshing atmosphere aboard the cruise. Upon arrival at Nusa Lembongan, you’ll have plenty of time to go snorkeling, lounge on the beach, or tour the famous underground house. One of the main highlights of this 8-hour day cruise happens during sunset — an incredibly romantic scenery that will take your breath away!

Private party aboard a yacht

Forget the crowded parties and the strips of Seminyak for a night. And instead, get a different party experience by hosting it yourself — aboard your very own yacht! With the music cranked up to the beat, cruise along the waters of the Indian Ocean while having a bottle of champagne with your groups of friends. There are a lot of yacht charters on the island but a highly-recommended one is Dragon 130. This ironwood Indonesian cargo ship was revamped to be ‘on the move’ giving you everything you need for the full party experience.

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